Do all of your gaming in one place

For anyone interested in playing real money games online today, the choice is almost endless. We can join numerous casino sites and bingo sites such as Gala, Mirror Bingo, or 888casino, picking up welcome bonuses each time that we join a new site because of the competition between the different gaming operators.

But running a number of different accounts can offer some disadvantages. For example, it’s harder to keep track of how much money you’re putting into each account, and to keep an eye on whether you’re making a gradual profit or loss. Different bonuses come with different terms and conditions and you don’t want to have to constantly refer to these; you just want to be able to enjoy the games and make money where you can.

That’s why although it may be tempting to join lots of gaming sites and pocket the bonuses as you go, there is also something to be said for keeping things simple and only playing on one site. That way, you not only know exactly how much you’re spending but you’ll also be able to keep tabs on new promotions and special games. At Mirror Bingo the promos tab is packed full of exciting jackpots to play for. For example, on the first Friday each month you can play 75 ball bingo in the On the Box room from 60pm to midnight and play for your share in a £20,000 prize fund. And on the last weekend of every month, there’s the Big Weekender promo, where the prize fund in the Red Carpet room is £100,000 on the Saturday and £150,000 on the Sunday. While all the sites offer a similar range of promos, it’s much easier to know what’s coming up if you only play at one site.

There’s also the social side of gaming to think about. If you enjoy playing bingo, then you’ll know that a lot of the fun of playing online is that you can chat to other players in the bingo chat rooms while you’re playing the games. If you play at one site consistently, it’s easier to build up friendships and relationships with other players on that site, rather than being a rarely seen player on a number of sites. Of course, you’ll always get a warm welcome whichever bingo chat room that you enter, as there’s always a chat moderator there to make sure everyone feels included, but it’s better if you don’t have to start all those conversations from scratch every time.

There’s nothing to make you stick to playing at one site, and if you feel like a change, there’s always the option of shifting your loyalty to another gaming site and cashing in on a new bonus. But for a simple life it’s best to find the site you like the look of best, and stay there. As long as you have the variety of games you want and lots of promos to take advantage of, what more do you need?

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